Friday, December 6, 2013

A Simpler Christmas...

Eighteen days and counting!  As each December rolls around I find the hustle and bustle of the holidays leaves me exhausted, often sick and very overwhelmed.  As we near Thanksgiving I start thinking about the gifts I want to make, gatherings I'd like to have, traditions I want to share or start and by December 5th I'm done.

I think our society has become so commercialized and instant that the expectations are to great.  Time with family and friends although well intended gets lost in already overstuffed schedules.  Social media although keeping you connected really just eats away precious time and doesn't fill the need to commune with others.  Celebrations are timed and often impersonal as we rush from one event to another.

So during these last 18 days of Christmas, I hope you will step back and unplug.  Sit with a loved, share a warm beverage maybe a cookie or two and get back to a simpler more meaningful time where you can love and beloved.  Remember that First Christmas so long ago when our Lord gave us a Savior, a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes in a lowly manager.  That is the true gift of Christmas, the gift of love.  "For God so loved the world that he gave His only Son" John 3:16.  So who will you share the season with?  Who will you take the time to sit with and enjoy the blessing of relationship with today?

May you slow down and enjoy a simpler way this beautiful time of year.  Christmas Blessings to all!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Give Thanks...

November already and the days are cooler, live is still busy and the days are getting shorter.  Yes, its fall once again.  Often times I think where has time gone but its right here.  Day in and day out, moment by moment life goes on.  I've spent a lot of time on own little escape.  My virtual world of crafting, decorating, learning and sharing.  I enjoy Facebook because it easily allows one to stay connected with friends and family at any hour of the day.  But what have I come to realize in this technology filled world?  How disconnected we are with one another.  Sure we share, we comment and we know the basics but are we really invested?

Funny how my life seems to go but can I say God has a way of getting my attention.  When I'm merrily going about, getting things done, rushing through life thinking I'm in control, he has a way of giving me time to think.  Time to reflect.  Time to meditate on what is truly important in life.  I lie here sidelined again.  Down for the count recovering from yet another medical obstacle in my life but today I am thankful.

I am thankful that I have a God who loves me and calls me his child.  I am thankful that I have a loving husband by my side and two beautiful children whom are a gift from my heavenly Father.  I am thankful for my parents and that I still get to enjoy their company.  I am thankful for my sister and brothers and all the extended family we are fortunate to have.  I am thankful for faithful friends and an active church body that lives for Christ Jesus.

Yes, it is fall once again.  And yes, there is much to be thankful for!  Is life perfect?  No, we live in a fallen world but if our focus changes from ourselves and our circumstances and we realize the importance of relationships.  We can all find something or shall I say someone to be thankful for.  The Lord God is our rock and foundation.  He gives good gifts to his children.  My pray is that you take a moment from the busyness of life, from your virtual world and open your eyes to the blessings around you.  Share a cup of coffee, enjoy a conversation, give a simple smile or hold someones hand.  Embrace the gift of relationship!

Enjoy your November and Give Thanks!

Monday, January 21, 2013


January already!  Life has been busy with kids, work and health issues but a New Year and a New Start is my motto.  I knew things would be a slow start.  Getting in the habit of blogging and managing my time but what I realized most in this process is just how unorganized I am.  The good news is I've had a lot of time to think, research and come up with a plan.  Now to execute!

So where to begin.  This past summer I participated in an online Bible Study and the book was "I Use To Be So Organized" by Glynnis Whitwer.  You can check out her book on or visit her blog at  As a matter of fact she is kicking off a 15 day clutter free challenge for the new year.  I will definitely be checking that out.

One thing I learned is what worked in the past will not necessarily work today.  Boy isn't that the truth!  Schedules, needs and priorities change as a family grows.  The other thing I have realized is that clutter does create chaos.  I have first hand experience at this.  Funny thing is I was so disgusted at my house one day that I took pictures of the clutter aka chaos and realized just how bad things had become.  You would think I would learn from my mistakes but guess again.  We get a busy week and sure enough by Wednesday we have little to no clean dishes, school work, mail, newspapers and clothes are tossed about the house in what literally looks like a hurricane passed through.  By Friday, I wish the house would blow up!  Only to spend the weekend cleaning and start all over again.  Life cannot continue as such...PERIOD!

So, I did what any wife, mother, daughter, employee and volunteer would do.  I quit!  Yep, threw my hands up, had my little pity party and decided I needed a plan.  Baby steps are in order for me.  I do not accept change well.  I run to and fro and lets just say LIFE does get in my way.  BUT No Longer Will I Accept That As An EXCUSE!

Like most people the new year started and I bought the calendar, planner and printed my organizational pages from all the pins I had made over the holidays.  I was ready to go on January 1st....or so I thought.  Yep here we are closing in on the end of the month and that calender has yet to be hung, those planning pages have yet to be organized and filled out.  The Home Management Binder I was going to create has yet to be created and sure looks like a bomb went off!

Seriously, its not that bad :)  I have begun making changes and I will continue to make changes and become more organized this year.  For one thing I went back to the basics and pulled out my Flylady book.  I had read this when the kids were toddlers and yes I literally started with shinning my sink.  If you want to learn more about that, hop on over the the Flylay's site at  So, for nearly a week I've had a mostly clean kitchen and we've established an after dinner routine.  The kids rooms are mostly clean and I have made a huge dent in that mountain of a laundry pile.  I even have a weekly menu posted on the refrigerator.  Yep, I am changing and yes it does take time and practice but in the end it will all be worth it.  Will I ever be June Cleaver...definitely NOT but my family is loved and taken care of and the other stuff will come.

God is good, faithful, loving and yes he is teaching me to trust him one day at a time.  He is my strength and my comfort.  I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14).  The Lord is teaching me to love who he has made me to be and yes learn to love my family by taking care of my home.

Have A Fantastic Start To Your Week!