Saturday, November 22, 2014


Funny how time slips through our fingers like grains of sand, effortlessly and quickly!  Here we are just days away from Thanksgiving, and yet media and stores surround us with thoughts of Christmas.  We've yet to give thanks and reflect with our families and friends around the Thanksgiving table before we jump onto the next thing.

I too am guilty!  It's been nearly two months since I've posted and I believe I've lost all track of time.  I haven't accomplished much personally and just seem to run, run, run.  I almost wish I could STOP time but we all know that is not in our hands.  I long for a time when the pace of life was slower and relationships were stronger.  God created us to be in community and yet with all the conveniences of today...we have less time.  I often reflect back and think of my youth and camping, those are some of my best memories.  Just being, enjoying one day at a time without the interrupions of life.  Even today that sounds far fetched as we need rest from vacations because we've crammed as much activity as possible into our week away.

So how does one find a "Hint of Happiness" in our daily lives?  Slow down and look around you.  Put the electronics away and absorb your surroundings.  God created much beauty around us and put people in our lives to share those moments and yet we're so busy we don't even notice.  When's the last time you caught up with a friend...not texted.  How about the last time you caught up with family....not on Facebook.  Or took the time to sit down and share a family meal...not take out.  Play a board game, read a book, take a walk?  UNPLUG and CONNECT!  Life is short, be intentional with your relationships before its to late!

As we approach Thanksgiving, really take stock of your life.  We all move through Seasons of Life.  Where are you?  Who can you reconnect with?  You might just be surprised at what you have and where you are.  "Hints of Happiness" really are all around, its just you have to STOP every once in a while and take stock.  Give Thanks and Begin Each Day with a Greatful heart!